OFFICER: It was a high-pressure situation. The officer made a judgment call.
JACKSON: No. There was no judgment in that call, it was just a reaction. You see skin color, we all do, but the reaction that you give to a white kid versus a brown kid in a split second...that's a measurable, fixable difference. Bias is human. You have guns. You're using guns. So yours is lethal.
OFFICER 2: We aren't racists. We just never know who has a gun.
JACKSON. I didn't say anything about racist. I said bias, and lucky for us, bias is fixable. You have protocols in place, those can be adjusted. You can fix it, or you can keep pretending that it doesn't exist at all. Kids are dying. This kid is dead. For what? So many people who look just like him are dying. For what?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 10: "Personal Jesus"
Grey's Anatomy
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