JWOWW ... I've seen her working out, doing combos at the gym ... and I've gotten a little taste of a smack myself. I have an idea of what Angelina's about to go through and it's like Rocky vs. Apollo. Rocky doesn't have a chance right now.

Ron is at the club hooking up with grenades, which is a bigger ugly chick, and land mines, which is a thinner ugly chick, and ... loving life.

Who does AAA call when AAA gets stuck?

I'm gonna bring a little Jersey down to MIA, which is Miami, and I'm excited.

Next thing you know, Snooks' clothes just started coming off.

It takes a special type of a person to get through this. We all should be proud that we balled out and had an awesome time.

The Situation: If you're hungry, try a snickers.
Snooki: Yeah, try me.

[to Snooki] If a guy doesn't like you ... it's called f*%k you, and there's so many people out there in the world that's gonna like you for you.

It's obvious that Sammi has a crush on me... it goes back to the days of prehistoric kindergarten.

The only thing we care about is gettin' girls and going to the gym.

The Situation: [re: The Grenade and The Hippo stoppin' by] They probably smelled the food!

It's like the Navy Seals. I get sent out first, do a little reconnaissance, bring girls back.

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Quotes

You need to on your tip-top game with your GTL to stay FTD to get the girls to DTF in MIA ... say that 5 times fast.

The Situation

I'm hooking up with my girl. Pauly is hooking up with his girl. And we're going to have sex. That's the situation.

Mike (The Situation)