Jamal: All my life all I ever wanted was for that man to love me.
Cookie: I know, baby. That's all I ever wanted, too. Look Jamal, I just want you to always remember what I told you all those years ago in that visiting room. No matter what's going on between me and your daddy, I got you.
Jamal: I know you do. But Mom I need to know.
Cookie: That's between him and the Lord, baby.

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Empire Season 1 Episode 12: "Who I Am"
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Empire Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You see son, sometimes you gotta be willing to sacrifice your queen in order to win the game.

Lucious [to Jamal]

Jamal: That ain't all she's getting. You made a deal, you'd let her back in the company.
Lucious: That was before.
Jamal: Before what?
Lucious: Before your mother tried to murder me.