Alicia: (after asking about her background check) That's not what I wanted to talk about when I asked before. It...
Will: I know what it is.
Alicia: You...? How do you know?
Will: Diane told me.
Alicia: Are we possibly talking about two different things?
Will: Diane asked you to join her at her new firm.

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Alicia Florrick, Will Gardner
The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 11: "Two Courts"
The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Will: I've got your back, Kalinda. Just make sure you got mine.
Kalinda: I always have... and I always will.

Will: Kalinda is to be given a salary bump over Blake's. He is not her supervisor.
Bond: No.
Will: Then we got a problem, because this is the deal. Either we bump Kalinda's salary above Blake's, or the waters won't be calmed.