The man you judge - the man the whole world has put on trial in absentia - the selfish, vile prat. The Ripper. You know him so well yet beg to know why, why, WHY? He's lived a dark and dishonorable life. He's done despicable things. But that does not preclude the possibility of good, does it? My boy, my boy! Congratulations, you are the proof, the one good thing he might ever do, the punctuation of a remarkable, misunderstood life.


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Time After Time Season 1 Episode 5: "Picture Fades"
Time After Time
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Time After Time Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes, Time After Time Quotes
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Time After Time Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

The past several months have been particularly bloody... but still, the mind finds ways through it.

Henry Ayers

Wells: At the risk of sounding...
Jane: ... like a sexist pig?
Wells: I have yet to oink so I fail to understand the pig reference