Captain Awesome: There's one thing, being a man... it's always speaking your mind. Whatever the cost, always be direct, open, and honest.
Morgan: When I was twelve I hid under Ellie's bed so I could watch her undress.
Captain Awesome: Excellent

Morgan Grimes, Captain Awesome
Chuck Season 1 Episode 6: "Chuck Versus the Sandworm"
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Chuck Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Morgan: What happened, Chuck? You used to be cool.
Chuck: I used to be cool? When, when was that? When we were 13? Well, I hate to go changing on you, buddy, but if you hadn't noticed we are now, chronologically speaking, adults. So, unless you want to work retail for the rest of your life and, by the way, drag me down with you in the process, I would suggest that you grow up!

Chuck: I can't believe you bugged my room! That's terrible!
Casey: No, terrible is having to listen to you and that moron Morgan yammer on for four hours about what sandwich you would bring if you were stranded on an island!
Chuck: It wasn't four hours...
Chuck [on tape]: Well I don't know, Morgan, I think roast beef would hold up better than the bologna...