Mary Alice: It doesn't rain very often in the town of Fairview. But when it does, it pours. It was on just such a day that Bree Van De Kamp went on her first date with her new friendOrson Hodge. A date that ended with a kiss in the rain. This occurred just as Gabrielle Solis was conferring with her new divorce lawyer, and describing in vivid detail her husband's affairwith their maid, who also happened to betheir surrogate. Meanwhile, Lynette Scavo was busy meeting her husband's illegitimate daughter, while resisting the urge to strangle the girl's mother. This happened just after Susan Mayer learned Mike Delfino had been badly injured in a hit-and-run accident, and was now in a coma at Fairview Memorial Hospital. At that same moment, Edie Britt was putting up a "For Sale" sign on the lawn of the house where I once lived. Edie had also planned to spruce up the property by washing down the driveway, but she was pleased to see the rain had already taken care of that. This is what rainy days are good for: they make everything clean again, which is necessary on a street like Wisteria Lane, where everything can get so messy.

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Mary Alice Young
Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 1: "Listen to the Rain on the Roof"
Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

(talking on the phone) Hey Gaby, It's Lynette. Got a little emergency here. Is it okay if we use your back yard? (pauses) Great, great. And we take complete responsibility for whatever the pony does. Hope you get this message soon.


Bree: Excuse me. Did you lose something?
Orson: No. I just thought... for you.
Bree: Oh, um. I don't do that.
Orson: Why not?
Bree: I'm a republican.
Orson: I'm a libertarian. I believe in minimizing the role of the state and maximizing individual rights.
Bree: But Orson?!
Orson: Trust me. I know what I'm doing.