Hardison: This is the vice president of the frozen foods division, Erik Casten. Erik with a K, Casten with a C.
Nate: How is that relevant?
Parker: Oh, Eric with a C, nice and friendly. Erik with a K, evil.
Sophie: I didn't know that.
Parker: Everybody knows that.

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Leverage Season 2 Episode 6: "The Top Hat Job"
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Leverage Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Eliot: Hardison, we got a problem.
Hardison: What kinda problem?
Eliot: They're MRI'ing my pizza and their stance says ex-CIA.
Hardison: You can tell somebody worked for the CIA just from how they stand?!
Eliot: A very distinctive stance!

Sophie: You definitely have things in common with her.
Nate: Like what?
Sophie: Well, um, she's a scientist and...well, um, you're a bit nerdy, aren't you?
Nate: I'm a bit nerdy?
Sophie: And, food, she works with food.
Nate: She works with food?
Sophie: Well, you eat, don't you?