Nicky: Together we can reshape this planet.
Doc Yewll: Reshape or destroy?
Nicky: We can't create without destroying. I thought you'd figure that out by now Doctor.

Defiance Season 1 Episode 9: "If I Ever Leave This World Alive"
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Defiance Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes, Defiance Quotes
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Defiance Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Nolan: Whelp, you were stupid letting that one get away.
Connor: Yeah I was, and she's wrong about the whole thing. We're all going to be dead very soon. Want to get drunk?
Nolan: Nah, I'm on the clock.
Connor: Suit yourself.

Datak: Amanda, I do hope this town is big enough to withstand a little healthy competition.
Amanda: Of course Datak. I look forward to the challenge. It will be fun.