Lynelle: That's a seven-generation ranch. He'll never sell.
Ellis: Then you'll invoke eminent domain.
Lynelle: It's been attempted. He beat it.
Ellis: Um-hm. For a 300-unit apartment complex. That was a land grab. Did a seven generations ranchers infuse $6 billion into the economy? That's progress, governor, and progress has a price.

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Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 3: "An Acceptable Surrender"
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Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Tate: Well, if ranching is so hard, why do we do it?
John: Because it's one hell of a life, Tate. One hell of a life.

I'm feelin' a little sentimental, grandson; I'd like to see that little elk live. What do you say we tip the scales in his favor?