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Tate wakes up to find Grandpa kneeling in the woods. John shusshes him. There's a wolf in sight, and a cow-elk is trying to lead the wolf away from its calf.

John and Tate head out to the field to mark their territory to give the little guy a fighting chance.

Monica spots them, calling it irrigating before rejoining Kayce in the tent.

Tate and John go on a walk together. Tate thought ranching would be tougher. John says they're enjoying the spoils of ranching right now because it's a terrible business.

He runs a littany of reasons it's terrible including county, state, and federal regulations and the city folk suing them for the way they raise their food.

Beth and Rip discuss the frontier, how much the need when living off the land, and what comes next.

The Attorney General visits Lynelle. The president's chief of staff just called, and they're appointing Cassidy as deputy attorney general of the US. They're looking for youth in Washington. Lynelle wants the AG to stick around until she figures it out.

Ellis Steel and a plethora of people come in next. They want a 30-year land lease. They want $400 million in land and $500 million in tax subsidies over then years.

He has the idea of three resorts and condos and such. Ellis used Jackson Hole as an example, which didn't impress Lynelle in the slightest. It will displace the locals.

Ellis' new proposal is to place the airport right in the middle of the Yellowstone.

Beth gets the call. Fuck.

Jamie is representing Hendon. Hendon is upset because all he did was what they told him to do.

Jamie needs to hear it all. He tries to switch the narrative to suggest that the guys got assaulted first by the deputies. Jamie gives a very special story for Hendon to recall.

Beth is making a beeline for Roarke, and she rightfully detours to her river where the fuckin' douche is on someone elses land.

Roarke is all about making money and believes Beth is the same way. It's the first time I've ever seen Beth look scared.

Jamie recorded that phone call with Randy. He wants Hendon to take the fall. But Jamie doesn't think that's quite fair.

Jamie comes up with another story. What about the victim? She saw everything. Jamie takes a drive to her ranch.

Jamie uses Beth's beating to prep the father for the news that the guys are already dead. Jamie makes a deal, the father cleans the trailer and is forever indebted to Jamie for saving him the trouble of killing two men.

Lynelle tries to call John. He's not available. She tries Jamie next. Jamie thinks her call is about what he's done, but it's not. Is he going to mess up?

Jamie tells Randy that the lie is the truth forever. His stupid paranoia got the better of him.

Their new barn is up and running. John is about to meet Teeter.

John doesn't want Jimmy to rodeo because it is hard to stay on the payroll with a broken arm.

John tells Jamie he'll be a the rodeo, so Lynelle can meet him there.

Jimmy is so proud.

Colby and Teeter are going to stay with the herd.

Jimmy removes his hand from Beth's when seated next to John.

Jimmy drew a bad ride. He needs his head in the game, but his small head is leading him around.

Jimmy and Mia meet, and it's adorable. He can't think of anything to say. She suggests he ask her on a date. He asks, and she says yes.

John has always wanted Kayce to be the livestock commissioner. Lynelle promises to drip a little sugar on an offer that Kayce won't refuse.

Jimmy is going to get his crushed.

The horse wins. An ambulance is called. Jimmy is down, and we don't know if he'll get back up.


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Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Tate: Well, if ranching is so hard, why do we do it?
John: Because it's one hell of a life, Tate. One hell of a life.

I'm feelin' a little sentimental, grandson; I'd like to see that little elk live. What do you say we tip the scales in his favor?