Cindy: Dr. King, is Stargirl dead?
Brainwave: You had a job Cynthia: watching my son for any signs of his latent abilities developing.
Cindy: But I did…
Brainwave: If I had known his telepathic powers were emerging, I may have been able to help him. I would have done anything to help him. Instead I had to end him… because of you.
Cindy: OK, listen, doc. You know what would have really helped Henry: If you weren’t lying in a hospital bed, wearing adult diapers, while the rest of us were picking up your slack.
Brainwave: Do you know what your father truly thinks of you, Cynthia? He sees you as a failed experiment, nothing more.
Cindy: My father loves me, you liar.
Brainwave: Why would I lie?
Cindy: Why are we arguing? Just let me out of here, so I can help you. I can be valuable member of the Injustice Society.
Brainwave: We feel the same way your father does: We don’t want you.

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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 12: "Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E Part One"
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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Courtney: Sorry about the door.
Barbara: Court, that was…
Courtney: I know, dangerous.
Barbara: Amazing.

Pat: What are you doing up so late, and how’d you get in here? Is, uh, is there something I can help you with?
Sportsmaster: You know, I got to hand it to you, bud. You really shocked the hell right out of me. Really, I never thought you’d have it in you.
Pat: So what are we talking about here?
Sportsmaster: C’mon now. No more secrets between friends. It really hurts my feelings. You never telling me about your big robot. Where is it? Where you hiding it. It’s in there, isn’t it?
Pat: Look, Crusher, I think maybe you need to relax a little because, well, I think you got it all wrong.
Sportsmaster: You know, Pat, I got to say, as famous last words go, I’m underwhelmed.