Ed: We need to renew our vows.
Madeline: What?
Ed: This time committing to live up to them. Do you think you can do that?
Madeline: With all my heart.
Ed: Truly informed as to what we're getting into.
Madeline: Truly, truly, yes. Committing to better or worse.
Ed: No, no. Your worst is off the table.
Madeline: Yes. Absolutely. Do you really mean it?
Ed: But this is not a put a pretty ribbon on it bygones be bygones ending. OK? This is a shot at a new beginning. Which if you really feel that you're up to it...
Madeline: I am. I am.
Ed: Well, then so am I.

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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 7: "I Want to Know"
Big Little Lies
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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Your son Raymond died in part because you lost your temper. Isn't that true?


Sleeping Beauty. That is how Perry would describe her to me. Sleeping Beauty. He was her prince, and she killed him.

Mary Louise