Ellie [on truth serum to Chuck and Sarah]: When Chuck was little and anyone would ask what he wanted to be when he grew up, he'd say a big boy. How cute is that? He wanted to be a big boy!
Chuck: Ellie, you're killing me here.
Ellie: And I know he's a big boy, cause he's with a big girl. A big, big girl!
Captain Awesome: Sorry, man. I tried to stop her.
Chuck: Is she drunk?
Ellie: Chuck, I have a confession. When you were ten, I told you a burglar stole your piggy bank, it was me. Having a New Kids fanny pack was really important to me

Chuck Bartowski, Ellie Bartowski, Captain Awesome
Chuck Season 1 Episode 8: "Chuck Versus the Truth"
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Chuck Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Sarah [about the antidote]: Chuck, take it!
Chuck: What? No way, I'm not gonna take it knowing Ellie's been poisoned, and you guys!
Sarah: I'm sorry Chuck, there's no debating this. It has to be you!
Casey: Right now, or I'll force it down your throat!
Chuck: Alright. I'm going to pretend to take it then run to my sister and make her take it. Why the hell did I just say that out loud?!
Sarah: It's the poison, it makes you tell the truth!
Casey: If you do that, I'll chase you, put a gun to your head and threaten to pull the trigger!
Chuck: Would you really shoot me?
Casey: No.
Chuck: Yeah, why waste a bullet? We're already dead!

Sarah: I'm so sorry, Chuck.
Chuck: Hey, I've lived a good life. Who else can say they flew a helicopter or saved the lives of innocent people?
Casey: Courageous and honorable members of the U.S. military