Why don't you leave me alone so I can jump rope naked in front a mirror in your ex-wife's body?

The Master

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 7: "The Better Man"
Venture Brothers
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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes, Venture Bros. Quotes
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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Dr. Orpheus: The time is now! Triad, join me! For I am Dr. Orpheus! Master of Mysticism!
The Alchemist: I don't want to do that introducing ourselves bit. It's goofy. let's not die being goofy.
Jefferson Twilight: I'm with Al. Maybe we could sing a Stevie Wonder song together.
The Alchemist: Yeah, that's not much better.

Torrid's a dick. Who does that? Who opens up Hell? Honestly?

Jefferson Twilight