Jayden: Hey, so your brother. Does he have a girlfriend?
Mariana: He's gay.
Jayden: Really?
Ashley: Whats the story with Mat? Is he really in a rock band?
Mariana: That's the rumor.
Ashley: Isn't he your ex?
Mariana: Yeah, but Imean, if you're hot for him, go for it, but I should disclose that he gave me crabs.

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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 21: "Turks & Caicos"
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Eliza: Once everyone settles into their rooms, my parents are having a little welcome lunch.
Stef: Hm. A welcome lunch. I wonder if they're going to actually let us host the rehearsal dinner tonight?
Lena: Of course, they will.
Stef: They won't let us marry them. Obviously, they want us to have nothing to do with this wedding.
Lena: Will you try to behave yourself?
Stef: I always behave myself.

Scott: The judge rescinded the permission to take Corey to the wedding.
Stef: What?
Jesus: That's bullshit.
Stef: No way!