John: If those kids actually made it into another realm, then they've opened gates that won't be easy to close. In current conditions, anyone can be pulled in through that gate. Not just the four that took part in the ritual.
Ritchie: Yeah well it's worse than that John. Shaw had a theory, if you're killed in another dimension your body here suffers the same form of death.

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Constantine Season 1 Episode 11: "A Whole World Out There"
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Constantine Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

John: So this chap, Carter, he a mate of yours as well?
Ritchie: It's okay Lily, this is my colleague of sorts; John Constantine.
John: I'm just trying to piece together what happened to your mate last night.
Ritchie: It's alright, you can answer his questions. I am confident my associate's not going to get you in trouble.

Manny: Wow, self pity parade. Is this what you do when you're left to your own devices?
John: What's the point in having a mirror that shows you the past if you can't wallow in it?