Young Ernestine: I'd still be a slave. No matter where I sleep. I don't want the master. That's just what I get. And it's not just him. Them overseers. Some of those others in that field, too. Anybody think they can take a piece of me. I'm just trying to protect myself. The only one trying, so I'mma use what I got.
Woman: You sad, pretty little thing. You can't protect nothing. You can't control nothing. Yo body ain't never been yours and never will be. But looks is all you got, so I 'spose you better us 'em. You cut out your insides, that's the only way. You till the master's seed, they blood is in you and it seep to the bone. Ain't no running from it. Your kin then sold you an old and terrible lie, that you can survive this.

Underground Season 2 Episode 3: "Ache"
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Underground Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Donahue: Your aim must have been off. It looks like the Black Rose is still alive.
Smoke: Patty don't miss.
Donahue: Well, it is widely believed in some scientific circles that the negro woman has an almost supernatural ability to bear pain. Perhaps that came into play.

I thought you promised Master Tom was the last one?