You know, I survived three wars without so much as losing a fingernail before I met you, Bartowski.


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John Casey
Chuck Season 2 Episode 11: "Chuck Versus Santa Claus"
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Chuck Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

General Beckman: (looking at the tape on Casey's fingers) Are you okay, Major?
Casey: Oh, er, just paper cuts. I'm on gift wrap station, General.
General Beckman: It's an electronics store, Major, not Basra. Get it under control.

Ned: Chuck, you've been a good friend to me, so I'm gonna return the favor, I'm gonna let your girlfriend go.
Chuck: No.
Ellie: Chuck.
Jeff: Ouch!
Lester: Yikes, you get cold Christmases at the Bartowski's.
Buy More Employee: Oh no, he didn't.