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When a high speed chase ends with the car crashing into the Buy More on Christmas Eve, we end up with a hostage situation being led by an amature criminal, Ned. When he asks who's in charge, everyone quickly points to Chuck who becomes the point of contact for the police.  Everyone is working (except Casey) as it's Christmas Eve.  Devon and Ellie are there early to get a friends and family discount. 

Casey and Sarah manage to sneak into the Buy More but can't make their prescence known or it will blow Chuck's cover.  They sneak Chuck away from the criminal and try to sneak him out into the back but he's unwilling to leave his family and friends behind.  When Ned comes into the room, he accidentally shoots Casey in the toe and takes them back into the main room.

The hostage negotiator outside manages to get inside but asks to swap out two hostages in exchange.  Ned agrees and chooses Sarah because she's Chuck's girlfriend and Casey because he's injured.  The two reluctantly go outside.  Once trapped inside without his bodybuards, Chuck has a flash and realizes the negotiator is actually a Fulcum spy!  Chuck tries to convince Ned to just let everyone go and he's government friends will clear him of any crime but we soon find out it was all a set up and Ned reveals that Chuck is the intersect to the Fulcrum spy!

Chuck agrees to go and be kept prisoner at Fulcrum, but not without being able to say goodbye to his sister.  He then quickly tells Devon to fight back against the bad guys.  When Chuck is escorted out by the Fulcrum agent, Devon, Lester, Morgan and Big Mike take down Ned.  Meanwhile, Sarah manages to stop the Fulcrum agent from getting Chuck!  Sarah has him at gun point and he tells her to arrest him... but when Fulcrum comes and gets him he'll reveal Chuck's identity and he'll never be safe.  Sarah then kills him!

As a subplot, Morgan was trying to prove he was brave to Anna the whole episode.  She didn't see how he helped take down Ned and only witnesses Lester, who was injured trying.  When she went to care for Lester, he forced a kiss on her.  Morgan witnesses this and thinks his girlfriend kissed back!

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

General Beckman: (looking at the tape on Casey's fingers) Are you okay, Major?
Casey: Oh, er, just paper cuts. I'm on gift wrap station, General.
General Beckman: It's an electronics store, Major, not Basra. Get it under control.

Ned: Chuck, you've been a good friend to me, so I'm gonna return the favor, I'm gonna let your girlfriend go.
Chuck: No.
Ellie: Chuck.
Jeff: Ouch!
Lester: Yikes, you get cold Christmases at the Bartowski's.
Buy More Employee: Oh no, he didn't.