Hvitserk: So tell me, what am I here for?
Seer: You will accomplish what others before you have failed to accomplish, but the cost will be too high.

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 14: "The Lost Moment"
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Vikings Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes, Vikings Quotes
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Vikings Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Ubbe: First lesson is not to be afraid. So go and stand by the tree.
Alfred: Why? What are you going to do?
Ubbe: You asked me to teach you how to fight, and I can teach you the ways in which to fight with a sword and ax or a shield to stay alive. If you're afraid, then you're already dead.

Alfred: You must understand, and I think you do understand, that I've taken a huge personal risk to protect you. So I pray that none of you will betray me now.
Ubbe: I will not betray you. I will fight with you against King Harald.