You will always use your dessert fork for your entrée. You will always feel under-dressed, no matter what you wear. At dinner parties, there will be difference; there a language that sounds like English and you think you speak it, but they don't hear you. And you don't understand them. As time passes, you'll feel like people never see you when they look at you, but wonder merely; whether you're Serena's whim or her... charity case. Until the day comes when you realize that girls like Serena don't end up with Dan Humphrey. They end up with the Carters of the world. And people like you; they turn to cocktail party anecdotes of their foolish youth. So, why don't you give it up and spare yourself the pain, hmm? I'm sure Serena will understand.


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Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 10: "Hi, Society"
Gossip Girl
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Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Carter: Nate. Look, I was hoping to see you, I wanted to apologize, put the past behind the past.
Nate: You don't get to say what goes on here. I'm on to you.

Man, I have to find out if she's seen someone, it's killing me.