Ernestine: I couldn't let what happened to you, happen to Sam.
French: You let your heart go cold. He felt it. Rosalee, too. That's why she ran.
Ernestine: No, my children know how much I love them.
French: That's right, you loved them so much that you opened your legs whenever the master called, to protect them. Killed for them. You loved them so much that after James you made sho you couldn't have no more. Your children are the worst thing that ever happened to you. And here you are picking raspberry leaves for that girl and her baby.

Underground Season 2 Episode 2: "Things Unsaid"
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Underground Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Rosalee, right now you have to focus on your family. Elizabeth is going to need you.


Daniel's Wife: Did you just...?
Daniel: I been teaching myself to read. Writing is just describing the sounds that the words make.
Daniel's Wife: What does it say?
Daniel: It says how I feel about you. It says why I taught myself to do this. [Holds up paper] It says, love.
Daniel's Wife:It's amazing. I want to keep it forever. [Rips up paper] But this could get us killed.