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When Cole returned to 2043, he informed his team about the Army of the 12 Monkeys. While searching for clues, Jones comes across a photo of Jennifer Goines standing by a familiar looking monkey drawing. She tasks Cole with gathering information from Jennifer as she appears to be connected to the terrorist organization.

Meanwhile, Ramse feels Cole changng and warns his friend "you're not from there. You're from here."

During the first attempt to send Cole back to 2015, the team accidently sends him to North Korea circa 2006. They quickly manage to correct the mistake, but not before a photo is taken of Cole and the address he's carrying with him.

Cole eventually arrives in 2015 at the mental hospital. He and Jennifer soon come face to face. She tells Cole that the Army of the 12 Monkeys were after her father's "great and shadowy laboratory filled with evening stars." That it contained her father's teeny-tiny little secret locked inside. Cole assumes she is talking about the virus.

We learn from Jennifer's flashbacks, that the Pallid Man murdered several scientists right in front of her. This was poor Jennifer's breaking point.

Elsewhere, Cassie arrives at her friend Jeremy's house only to find her friend murdered, and his killer lingering in the house. In order to drown out the stench, the killer had covered the body in flower petals. Jeremy was killed because he was asking too many questions the man tells Cassie. He tells her to stop asking questions of risk ending up like her friend.

Aaron had been researching Cassie and Cole's arrest as she requested. He learned from a newspaper clipping, that Cole was in North Korea in 2006. Cassie spots the mental hospital address and makes her way there. She uses fake medical records to have Cole released into her custody.

Cassie informs Cole that Jeremy was murdered and that the man left flower pedals. When she mentioned lavender, Cole recalled that Jeniffer had talked about the same thing. Obviously, this man was the same person and the face of the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

Unfortunately, the Pallid man kidnaps Jennifer before Cole and Cassie can reach them. 

Jones brings Cole back to 2043, where he share all the events that took place. She is not pleased Cole made contact with Dr. Railly again, but he asks her to trust him. The two come to an understanding.

Meanwhile, the Pallid Man hands Jennifer something to drink which brings on some strange visions. Will this help jog her memory?

12 Monkeys
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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm sending you to 2015. I want you to track down the patient in room 248. She's somehow connected to this organization. Find out who they are.


Ramse: My friend, you are not the same man since you got back, and you're bringing me down.
Cole: What are you talking about?
Ramse: Look I'm telling you dude, you're different.
Cole: No I'm not.
Ramse: Yeah you are. Listen, I get it. You're a little sad about being back, who wouldn't be? You got the food, you got the science, the girl.
Cole: It's not like that man.
Ramse: Just remember, you're not from there. You're from here.