The Army of the 12 Monkeys
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Room 608. All hell is breaking loose and the bellhop calls in the authorities. It's Cole's old friend, Gale! They bust in on a hooker and her John, right in the middle of a very good time.

His partner razzes him about thinking it might be his army of monkeys. But down in the bar when the lights begin going kerflooey, he thinks something is amiss. Sure enough, it's Cole and Cassie.

Gale almost git fired in 1944, but he's still kicking. He's been looking for the Army of the 12 Monkeys, but he can't find it. They show him the copies of the map. Winter of 1953 will be the Winter of Ash and Blood.

Cassie tries to leave Gale out of their investigation. Not a chance.

Jones, Dude and Deacon are making holes in the building for Project Karen (which is more about the boat that carried people across the river Styx, however that's spelled).

Jennifer appears with a small turtle, the young version of her old turtle. While she's getting snacks for him, a Witness follower arrives to point his finger at her. Get out of the room, please.

In Hope Valley 1953, Cassie feels shitty using Gale when they know she's the cause of his death in 1961. She wants to save him. Cole says they can't. He knows she's really talking about their son.

While they're standing on the sidewalk, a mine shaft collapses. Ash and Blood.

Christopher Lloyd is standing in the street, looking scary.

Jennifer is seeing dead people. She can't see the whole puzzle. Deacon wonders how he's not on her drawings. Seriously, everybody but him.

Jennifer is worried she's going to end in a tiny padded room. Deacon is jealous she has a purpose. He suggests the next time she sees a "vision" she talk to it.

There is shit going down all over the country. People dead all over. Gale isn't sure how it would build an army, but there is a spike in disappearances after the tragedies. Maybe funerals.

In the Texas paper stands Lloyd. He's in Hope Falls now.

Cassie acts as a grieving widow, but she doesn't fool Lloyd. She grasps onto her true story, that of her and Cole and their baby. That, he buys.

He offers her the chance to live in that moment forever.

Cassie almost tells Gale about his fate but chooses against it.

Before she joins the group, Cassie spills. Gale wants to know if he death makes a difference. Cole says he doesn't know.

Cole joins Cassie in the tent. He says the happiest moment of his life was when he found out he was going to be a father. But he can't mourn him because he is a product of a time that was never supposed to happen. Cassie reminds him that he can't mourn because to him, their child is just an idea. But she carried him. She gave birth to him. To her, he's real.

Jennier goes to the machine and asks for the dead lady to show her something. She says she would like to help her. Jennifer begins to walk and sees decaying bodies in fluid-filled tanks. The dead lady is walking slowly behind her, continually pointing.

Jennifer comes upon the man she's been drawing. He grabs her and she sees the mansion, a lot of stone statues and before she can see who the man is, she wakes in the middle of her floor drawings.

Inside the tent, they are talking about time. As they begin talking the red forest and putting an end to the child and woman, Magdelena comes to the front of the room with the Witness. He has known the very length and breadth of time. The Four Horsemen are on stage. The Witness connects with Jennifer. They are as one.

He's primary.

He has drawn a picture of a woman in front of the woman in front of Cassie. She is 12. They lock the others inside the tent and The Witness puts on a gas mask. Gale sees it and moves forward. The little kid gives him a drawing he calls fate.

The Witness thanks everyone for their sacrifice while Cassie and Cole struggle to get out.

Cassie shoots one of the Horsemen, they cut into the tent and then hold onto one of the suits and disappear.

Gale sees the drawing. It's of him being shot.

Deacon is not pleased he's still not a part of Jennifer's drawings. He goes to Olivia. Why isn't he part of it?

Cole and Cassie land in the same place as their son. They want to go after him, but they're pulled home. Once they get there, Cassie goes after Cole. It's nurture, not nature, she says. He disagrees. He'll do what has to be done when it gets to that time.

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12 Monkeys Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Agent Gale: That story she told about havin' your giggle stick shot off. You coppin' to that, too?
Cole: Trust me, if that were true, we wouldn't be in this situation.

Agent Gale: Holy shit. I guess Santa brought me Cole for Christmas, after all.
Cole: We need your help.