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Jones gives the worst pep talk of all time before the group prepares to take down a boy who will become a man, but let them not forget they will not be forgiven the sin, except by the great absolution of time that they might never have sinned at all.

Cole and Cassie have a hard time listening to everyone talking about their son in the way they do, especially Cassie.

Cassie knows she can't have someone who she should have loved ever look at her in the way her mother looked at her when she last saw her. Cassie reminds Cole that if they kill the Witness, there is no them. They don't get to change the past and keep the future.

Deacon recognized right away there was something off with Cassie and Cole. He goes to Jones, who doesn't recognize it as he does.

When it's time to go to 1953, Jennifer volunteers and dresses up in her best outfit. She has lab experience.

As they leave, Jones notices the look between Cole and Cassie.

Jennifer doesn't like any of the 50's cocktails. She hits on someone and gets a tour of the lab.

Cassie has a conversation with Jones. We are not privy to the contents, but she wants to go somewhere. She's practically begging Jones, who eventually gives Cassie her wish. When Cassie is gone, she asks Dude to search for coordinates to recent tether history.

Cassie goes back to meet her mother before she died.

When Cole busts in on Jennifer's tour, she wonders why he doesn't just make another choice. He tells her he won't change his mind. It's not the first time he killed children, women.

Cassie has taken the the map pages to her mother to find out what they tell her about the man. That he's brilliant and uncertain of who he is, whether he is who he is because he is or because he was made.

He's a person who hates what he believes to be true.

What we see in his life is that his caregiver wants him to have the opportunity to be the child he is instead the child as the man he will be, as Magdelena is forcing of him.

Cassie discovers what her mother was suffering and that she believed Cassie was aware of her condition. She also could read Cassie who sat before her was not asking about the map for an unknown patient or client.

Jones is splintering.

Cassie is lying about the map, discussing the meaning of it, how it's all she knows of him and what he's done. But she doesn't know the boy doesn't want to do them.

Everyone pops up to the place Cassie and Cole popped when they originally fell in behind their son. Cassie's mom says the map is a story of the man he wants to be, and it's incredible.

When Cassie gets back, Jones has guns on her. She's locked up. Jones went back and saw Cole kill Ramse, saw him tell Cole she was his mother.

Jones wants to stay in the room until the end of time, despite what Cassie says being able to save the Witness.

It's a case when a little information can be just the wrong amount.

There's a massive shootout and Jennifer talks with and lets Aethan go free.

Cassie arrives as the house is in total upheaval.

Inside Hannah is gravely wounded. Cassie is running toward the house and kicked back toward the lawn by Magdelena. You can't have him, Magdelena says.

Catfight!! But Cassie set the self-destruct button on her vest.

Cole gets to the room with his son in it and his guardian tells him the boy Aethan looks right into his dad's eyes and the two connect.

Deacon comes into the room, Cassie shortly behind. She shoots Deacon. Everyone is shocked to shit, but Cassie and Cole leave after ensuring everyone will get some help.

There's a lot of blood, but it looks like Hannah survives. Either way, an exhausted Jones and a pissed off Deacon know what they have to do.


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12 Monkeys Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

The boy is the man. The totality of the life.


You want to pull people together, you put them through hell. You want to pull them apart, you give them a secret.