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The episode opened with Max and Caroline taking work from Sophie as cleaning girls. Sophie gave them a test to clean her apartment and the Max passes with flying colors and Caroline was not as good. 


However, Sophie still felt it was worth it to give them a real job. The first place they cleaned was for a crank greeting card model named Big Bill, while there Caroline managed to back up the toilet and then that night let the cupcakes burn. 


The next day at the “hot model’s” apartment Caroline and Max are fighting with Sophie breaks them up. Max came out of the bedroom to say that the hot model might be dead, but it turned out he was still alive but had over-dosed on pills. Caroline jumped into action and with quick thinking managed to save the guys life.

2 Broke Girls
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2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Oleg: Your like someone supersized a Victoria Secret angel, I'd like to Gizelle on your bunchin.
Sophie: [hits him with magazine] Going to act like a dog, I'll treat you like a dog.

Max: Perfect!
Caroline: Perfect? This picture doesn't say "let us do you your kids birthday party" it says "We're an AC/DC tribute band that can be paid in cocaine.