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Cheng Zhi takes Chloe hostage but not before she leaves a recording of him threatening her behind. When Jack and Kate arrive, Jack immediately recognizes the voice.

The Chinese threaten war if the US doesn't prove that Cheng is alive and capture him.

Jack finds out that Boudreau led the Russians to him. He tells Heller who wants to have Mark arrested for treason but Jack wants to use him first to get Stolovich to lead him to Cheng. Unfortunately, the plan goes awry and Stolovich is killed.

Chloe escapes from Cheng and ends up alone in the woods. 

Audrey meets with a contact from the Chinese embassy to work a diplomatic angle but the woman and Audrey's Secret Service team are all killed by a sniper.

Cheng calls Audrey to tell her to sit still and he might let her live. 

24: Live Another Day
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24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

China turned its back on me. It's not my country anymore.


Jack: Some things are going to happen and I just don't want you to hate me forever.
Audrey: Jack, stop. I could never hate you. I never have.