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Navarro drops off the override device to Adrian who lets him get captured by Jack. Jack and Kate break Navarro who admits he implanted a tracking device on the override.

Mark argues with Audrey, then gives the Russians the ability to track Jack before he realizes that Jack is in charge of obtaining the override device.

Kate learns that Navarro set up her husband who committed suicide a month into a life sentence. 

Chloe learns that Adrian is behind designing the override device and was paid by the Chinese. Chloe turns on Adrian but he catches her before she can get away.

Adrian brings Chloe back to his new headquarters, only to find that everyone has been killed by the outlawed Chinese operative. Adrian admits to Chloe that he found proof that her family was killed in a simple accident. No one was trying to kill her as she had believed. 

When the Chinese access the override device, they kill Adrian and order a US nuclear sub to blow up a Chinese Destroyer.

24: Live Another Day
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