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The episode begins with the introduction of some new pages: ex-investment bankers who, it turns out, party even harder than Tracy Jordan.

Some of their exchanges with Tracy were priceless.

Meanwhile, Liz has been getting her neighbor, Dr. Baird’s, mail by mistake and, try as she might, can’t resist finding out a little more about him.

She discovers he’s recently divorced, loves Caddyshack and pie, supports countless charities and even trains seeing-eye dogs in his home.

Also,he has the best introduction ever: Hi, I’m Drew. Sorry I smell like frosting; I just love to bake! It’s time for Liz to make her move.

That means, of course, that she advances disastrously after taking one too many cues from a certain telenovela villain.

Which brings us to Jack. He and Elisa are going strong, yet for some reason her grandmother just doesn’t approve.

It becomes apparent why when they watch an episode of the woman’s favorite telenovela. Jack seems to bear an unfortunate resemblance to the show’s villain, the despicable Generalissimo.

He seduces innocent women, straps dynamite to little kids’ heads and just looks positively diabolical. Jack tries to fix the problem.

His great idea, of course, is gaining control of the show, but he must butt heads with his actor twin in the process. Hilarity follows.

The fictional telenovela is comedy gold. The subsequent parallels between Liz and the Generalissimo are even better.

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