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The 30 Rock version of training, held at the Retreat to Move Forward, is coming up, and Jack is concerned he won't fit in after the CEO debacle and his misadventures in Washington.

So he asks Liz Lemon to come along as his plus-one, which Liz correctly pegs as him not having seen his business-camp friends for a while.

Liz doesn't fit in with the corporate types, and when Jack is welcomed with open arms, he first ignores Liz and then shuns her when she doesn't conform to Six Sigma behavior, with her familiarity and nicknamification.

Despite all that, Liz saves Jack by covering for him when his microphone gets turned on too soon and everyone overhears the fire-up speech.

That's what friends do - a-doyee.

Jenna and Frank: Jenna decides to live her life as Janis Joplin for a while, but thanks to her lack of knowledge about her upcoming role, Frank decides to have a little fun, editing Joplin's Wikipedia page.

It works for a while, but when Jenna decides she's going to go for it and eat a cat, Frank is forced to fess up that he stole that from Alf.

Jenna is pissed, but Frank is kind of turned on, and they hook up.

An embarrassed Jenna tiptoes into work the next day, but Frank is totally cool with keeping things quiet.

So when Jenna can't stand that Frank is not bursting with pride over what she thinks should be the best night of his life, it's bad news.

The joke sort of peters out there, but Judah Friedlander and Jane Krakowski are so fun together that it really didn't bother me much.

Meanwhile, Dr. Spaceman has some bad news for Tracy - diabetes. He notes that Tracy needs to make some serious lifestyle changes or he could lose a foot to the disease.

Kenneth is very concerned about Tracy's medical news and launches a campaign to get him to eat healthy. Tracy, however, dismisses the link between diet and diabetes as "a white myth - like Larry Bird, or Colorado."

Twofer chimes in with a theory about how the government promulgated false information about diabetes after the Civil War to keep newly freed slaves sluggish, which is why so few people know that it's really caused by sleeping on your back.

Kenneth is forced to pull out his big weapon: the Hill Witch, his meemaw's scare tactic to get the kids to eat their veggies.

It's such a weak gambit that even Tracy isn't biting - until a freaked-out Jenna, her hair ravaged by a jealous Katie, shows up with a broom, screaming "I'm a monster!" Cut to Tracy shoveling broccoli and carrots in his face, and scene.

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30 Rock Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Tracy: Could I replace it with a wheel, like Rosie from The Jetsons?
Dr. Leo Spaceman: Sure, but then you'll have to register yourself as a motor vehicle.

I got a lot of irons in the fire.