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Picking up where last week's 30 Rock left off, Liz Lemon is suspended from work in "Jackie Jormp-Jomp." She's forced to attend a sexual harrassment seminar and somehow adjust to life without the stress of her show.

This proves to be difficult. At first, Liz Lemon is lost, actually showing up at 30 Rockefeller Plaza just to see what's going on... until Kenneth blows his page whistle on her for breaking the rules.

Soon, though, Liz Lemon runs into a woman from her building in their lobby. This woman has recently been fired from her job on Wall Street and went through the same feelings that Liz Lemon is currently going through. But then the woman realized that there are far better way to enjoy life than trying to find purpose through one's stressful occupation. Liz Lemon is intrigued.

She ends up intwined in the world of rich, spoiled divorcees. Liz Lemon and her new pal's group of friends drink champagne in the morning go to the spa during the day and take part in private shopping trips. It's a world Liz Lemon never thought she'd be in, and one that Jack warns her results in negative consequences, but Liz Lemon is enjoying it too much to listen to the sound advice of her boss and good, hilarious friend.

She has to find out for herself: at the end of the episode, Liz Lemon and the gals are sitting around, planning their night, when Liz Lemon learns that they do to stay sharp. Yes, folks, it's a fight club! In order to "feel alive," as one woman puts it, they severely beat on each other. This finally prompts Liz Lemon to return to TGS and the world she loves.

Two other storylines highlighted the episode:

  1. Kenneth admitted to a crush on one of the TGS dancers. Unfortunately, Dot Com was already dating her. Fortunately, the two pals quickly worked out their differences. Less fortunately, Tracy fired the dancer, the other dancers boycotted in a show of solidarity and Tracy was forced to bring in a group of tranvestites to take their place.
  2. In order to sell Jenna's faltering Janis Joplic biopic, Jack pretended she was dead. It worked for a short period of time, until Jenna couldn't resist taking the stage during her TGS tribute.
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30 Rock Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Jack: You being dead is the best thing that ever happened to this movie. Jenna, I wanna Tupac you.
Jenna: Fine, but I have to pee first!
Jack: No. No, no, no, no. Tupac Shakur, the rapper. He sold ten times more albums when he was dead than when he was alive; that's what we're going to do with this movie.

Liz: Excuse me, Mr. 'Winerslav' -
Jeffrey Weinerslav: It's pronounced, "Weinerslave.