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This third season finale of 30 Rock didn't leave too many cliff hangers but actually put the characters in pretty good places in their lives.

Liz is opening herself up to new career opportunities, Jack found a dad he can be close with as long as they steer clear of politics, Tracy gets in touch with his feminine side, and Jenna... well she's still Jenna.

Jack needs to be tested to see if he's a match to be a donor for the kidney that his "dad" - Alan Alda - needs. Jack isn't keen on giving him a kidney because he's only known him for about a week and he's a crazy Jimmy Carter loving liberal.

After a test it turns out that Jack isn't a match for the kidney anyway so to try and make up for disappointing his “father” he throws a celebrity benefit concert to help find a donor.

He's going to use the liberal media establishment to find the kidney for his dad, just the way they "manipulated people to vote for Barack Obama."

Jack calls on Clay Aiken, Elvis Costello, Mary J Blige, Sheryl Crow, that guy from Maroon 5, Cindy Lauper, and many, many more to sing about giving Milton Green a kidney.

They're all singing for free, except Sheryl Crow, and only three of them are drunk, one of them being Cindy Lauper. Milton is very touched.

Jenna is forced to go on a Tyra-esque talk show called "The Von Tella Show" to promote the "Deal Breaka" sketch.

Each time Jenna's been on the show they bring out an estranged half sister and she ends up clawing at her for her life, ala Jerry Springer.

Jenna tells Liz that she has to come with her on the show because she wanted so badly to be the face of the deal breaka so it's only fair that she be forced to go too.

So she goes on Von Tella with Jenna and they have a surprise for Jenna, no not the estranged step sister again - she's dead - but instead Von Tella wants "The Deal Breaka" to take some relationship questions from the audience and offer advice.

After the first question about a boyfriend with a tanning salon who won't let his girlfriend tan there is asked, Jenna stumbles and turns to Liz for answers.

Liz promptly jumps in and tells the young Magda that this guy is making her crazy and that she has sexually transmitted crazy disease of the mouth, "Deal Break!"

Liz is on a roll outing gay guys left and right and saving unsuspecting girls from disastrous relationships.

Soon after the wives of the guys she works with, notably Tracy and Pete's wives, are in her office seeking advice.

Liz is hesitant at first but quickly slinks into to Dr. Phil mode.

This of course does not go over so well with the men she works with. Pete catches Liz in the hall and calls her out.

He doesn't want to go on his wife's family farm for vacation because it's a working vacation and he's the only one with big enough hands to guide the bull during mating.

Tracy rents a hotel room twice a week to poop in peace. Now he can no longer have that because his wife thinks he's cheating on her.

They don't want Liz giving advice to people because she is unqualified but she doesn't care. She is offered a book deal and she takes it because there's no telling how much longer TGS is going to last.

Tracy is asked to speak at his old high school's graduation but he says he swore he'd never return to that hell hole. Apparently a drug dealer ruled the school and he wanted Tracy to find a snitch and cut him open, but he refused and vowed to never go back.

Turns out the drug dealer was the science teacher and he didn't want him to cut open a snitch he wanted him to dissect a frog.

Tracy cried so hard he was ashamed to ever go back. After Kenneth learns the truth about the drug dealer, he approaches Tracy on the matter.

Tracy admits to being chicken and starts to cry. He says Kenneth couldn't understand because where he comes from street cred means everything.

That's why after the incident happened he vowed to never cry again.

Kenneth thinks it's sad that Tracy is still ashamed of the kid he used to be because that is still him, but Tracy defends himself by saying he's changed into a bad ass adult.

He has a wolf dog, two bad knees and a gun... that he lost.

Total bad ass.

Kenneth decides to help Tracy realize the sensitive artist that he really is by bringing in Mean Steve, the baddest gangsta in Tracy's class.

Tracy sees that Mean Steve is a food delivery guy now and that being a bad ass didn't get him anywhere in life.

He decides to do the graduation speech and tell the kids that they should be themselves in order to make it in life.

Tracy gives a very uplifting speech about being yourself and how every single person in the room can become president, but before he leaves he is awarded with an honorary diploma.

This honor forces Tracy to burst into tears and fall on the ground crying like a baby. Reputation tarnished again.

Oh well, at least high school is over.

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30 Rock Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Professor Milton Green, who's working on a three volume biography of Jimmy Carter, and if I give him a kidney he might, just might, live long enough to finish it.


There's no such thing as bisexual. That's just something invented in the 90s so they could sell more hair products.