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Liz Lemon wrote a book called Dealbreakers, a plot that began last season during her brief stint on the TV talk show circuit.

Speaking of plots carrying over, Jack and NBC are still being affected by the bad economy, government bailouts, and Washington hearings.

And Devon Banks is in charge of the committee (via friendship with Obama's daughter) makes sense, too. Will Arnett is hilarious.

He and Alec Baldwin trading barbs in deep voices makes the show.

Tracy's wife Angie's irritation with Liz's book (which sold him out on one notable occasion) creates a zany sub plot with Tracy staying at Liz's apartment and causing absolute mayhem.

Naturally, Tracy buys the rights to Liz's life story and casts a porno that we see as the episode ends, featuring porn Liz and a porn Jack going to town on each other. Only on 30 Rock.

Another subplot centered on Jenna's Icelandic werewolf movie. She hates that a new cast member is coming in and wants Liz to know it.

This theme is going to be front and center at least through next week the TGS gang hosts open auditions to be the new star of the show.

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30 Rock Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

[blurb for Liz's book] Lemon numbers among my employees.


[to Don] Well, I'll only be in D.C. for the day but if I find time I'll be sure to go see Fonzie's jacket. You sit on it as well.