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When Padma Lakshmi came into town, Jack had thoughts of replacing Liz, but she responded by to shopping around for the best deal for a talk show.

Because she's big-time with her Dealbreakers book at all. But Jack won't take it lying down, and he claims the rights to the show, even offering a hosting gig to Ms. Lakshmi.

The basic point was that being drop-dead gorgeous, she doesn't have to try too hard. Similar to last season's plot with Liz's boyfriend Drew (Jon Hamm). Hit or miss really.

Elsewhere, Kenneth was at odds with the new cast member (Cheyenne Jackson), who until last week was a street performer know as "Party-bot."

His real name is Jack, but that other, more powerful Jack renames him Danny to avoid any confusion - or competition. Jack/Danny is Canadian, which obviously means he's nice, and isn't comfortable bossing Ken around.

Tracy and Jenna even try to be kind to him, but he feels useless without the abuse.

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30 Rock Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Tracy: And one more piece of advice from someone who has been on this side of the business for a long time: Wade Boggs Carpet World.

[on Danny] He looks like all the guys in my magazines!