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Jack has convinced Hank Hooper to buy a gay television network, Twinks, but can't figure out how to get it to succeed.  He brings in Devon Banks to give him good ideas, because he knows Hank won't like him.  Hank in fact does like Banks and promotes him, but then Banks quits to go back to being a dad.

Jack puts TGS on forced hiatus until Tracy comes back.  All of the staff go out to find a new job, but Liz doesn't seem to have a plan b.  She attempts to get a job working for Nick Lachey at The Sing Off, but he hated her.  Finally, Kenneth saves the day when he realizes that the pizza Liz is eating is the same that Tracy eats when he video chats from Africa.

30 Rock
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30 Rock Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

I'd like to help but "I'm Afraid My Hands Are Tied"...is the only show anyone's watching on Twinks.


I'm doing God's work here in Africa. Why just yesterday I kicked two naked people out of a garden.