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Frank pretends to date Liz to hide his real girlfriend from his mom.  She eventually figures it out, but they all bond over the fact that Frank likes both of them because they are the same person.


Jack wants to help Kenneth become the best new employee in the standards and practices office, but he soon realizes that he's turning Kenneth into himself.  He tries to help Ken stay the way he is.


Jenna and Tracy investigate to find out who drank Pete's whiskey.  They learn it was the rest of the writers, who drank it because they hate hanging out with Frank.  Jenna and Tracy force them to hang out with Frank or they will tell him what they all did.

30 Rock
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30 Rock Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

You sound like a cop, and I should know, my uncle was a cop...in a porno.


I got really good at hiding in prison...and making wine in my toilet.