30 Rock Review: What You Got Cooking?

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"Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky" was yet another funny episode of 30 Rock's sixth season, filled with a number of hilarious one-off jokes.

Those stand alone quips are exactly what make 30 Rock so watchable even when it might fail to knock the episodic stories out of the park.  Jack helping Kenneth make it in this world, and Frank using Liz to hide the love affair with his former teacher, weren't all that inherently funny, but each had its share of laughs.

Tracy and Jenna on the Case

I loved that Jack did an entire speech on eye contact by using no words. His title was the best part! The fact that Kenneth's rival was four credits shy of a degree in Bro Studies at Syracuse was also good, but my favorite moment from that story had to be Jack's Family Matters reference.

As a child of the 90s I appreciate any mention of a series that once aired on TGIF, but the fact that he referenced Stefan Urquelle made it that much more amazing. Jaleel White must be the coolest dude in the world if he makes Stefan look like Steve Urkel.

The Liz and Frank story didn't have as many laugh out loud moments, but Susan Sarandon had a couple of nice bits. I liked her uncreative tattoo of "I'm sad," and the fact that she was making wine in her toilet when in prison.

The arc that both came together the best and had the most laughs was definitely Jenna and Tracy as partners on the case. As soon as Jenna said that her failed pilot was titled "Good Looking," where her character Alexis Goodlooking was good looking and good at looking for clues, I knew we were in for a treat.

The scenes from the fake pilot were great, especially when Alexis said she was going to call her husband to tell him she was going to be late, only to realize two seconds later that her husband is dead.

There were also a ton of great Tracy lines, like falling in love with his car, revealing he ate crayons and calling Toofer a black bastard in the interrogation room. My favorite, though, was when Liz said she needed help and Tracy immediately figured someone attacked her and gave her that haircut. This was some vintage Tracy Jordan tonight.

It was great that they solved the case, but decided not to tell Pete because he would have been too heartbroken. Instead, they forced the rest of the writers to hang out with him, and we had the joy of listening to Pete's version of "Piano Man," which included the lyric "Phil Donahue's walking past Cinnabon." It was such a perfect call back to the earlier jokes about Pete's Donahue story.

All in all, it was a nice piece of work from the 30 Rock gang. I'll leave you with some of my favorite lines of the night and the rest can be viewed at our 30 Rock quotes page.

Tracy: You sound like a cop, and I should know, my uncle was a cop...in a porno. | permalink
Kenneth: He's the best friend I've ever had...tied with everyone I've ever met. | permalink
Jenna: I broke the number one rule of being on the force.
Tracy: Don't fall in love with your car? | permalink
Tracy: The sight of these people, plus the crayons I ate earlier, make me sick. | permalink
Jack: Wow, that is some high level paranoid thinking...like Hitler, or Willy Wonka. | permalink

Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky Review

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You sound like a cop, and I should know, my uncle was a cop...in a porno.


I got really good at hiding in prison...and making wine in my toilet.