Ladies Night - 4400 Season 1 Episode 5
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FLASHBACK: Keisha and her sister, Kenya, set up baked goods for sale on their corner. Keisha taps the rhythm of the music on her deaf niece, Sasha's hand, so she can feel the beat.

In the present, Keisha visits Kenya's ex, Tarik, and drops off some money for her nieces. He accuses her of being too obsessed with work and that her nieces miss her. Tarik tells Keisha that the man who killed Kenya has reached out to him and wants to meet both of them. Keisha says absolutely not.

At a 4400 task force meeting, Agent Tanner introduces Bill Green, the federal liaison. He informs everyone that they will be moving into phase 2 -- provisional release. Agent Tanner hands out documents, explaining that they will be vetting suitable housing and doing medical screening for the 4400 who are to be released. 

Claudette tells LaDonna that Jharrel will be taking her out to look at apartments. LaDonna tells her it's due to the video she leaked. Hayden notes that he's too young to live on his own and, therefore, won't be released.

Andre runs into Shanice in the hallway. Both swear they have not been avoiding the other. Andre helps Shanice pick up the papers she was carrying and notices they are documents detailing her release.

Andre takes Shanice to the secret tunnel. He removes their ankle monitors and leads her through.

Mariah convinces Logan and Bridget to let Shanice stay with them. Logan gets a call about the viral video. 

Andre leads Shanice out into the streets of Detroit. Shanice worries that they might jeopardize their freedom, but Andre tells her he has not been granted any release as she has. He tells her she promised to show him Detroit, and she agrees to do so -- he only wants to spend one more day with her.

Jharrel and Keisha visit Miguel, the new on-site doctor, to obtain medical clearance for Claudette and Shanice, respectively. Keisha asks for confirmation, which Miguel provides. Jharrel follows Keisha out, asking her what the matter is. Keisha states that she is concerned -- there are still too many unanswered questions. He thinks she is looking for excuses to keep the 4400 imprisoned. 

Jharrel drives Claudette through Detroit, and she mentions that she misses driving. He asks her where she was when she was "taken," stating that if what they say is true, it means his brother might still be out there. Jharrel says he will let her drive. 

Andre and Shanice walk down the street. He marvels at the modern things -- cars, streetlights, dogs in strollers. Andre nearly bumps into someone. Shanice grabs him and pulls him aside.

Green supervises briefly as Soraya hands out phones to the 4400. After Green leaves and Soraya helps an older lady with her phone, LaDonna approaches. LaDonna apologizes and starts asking Soraya for help with the coding, but Soraya cuts her off, telling her to stop talking to her, or they'll both get into more trouble. 

As Claudette drives, Jharrel asks her about what she used to do in the 1950s. She tells him that she used to be a photographer and activist, though her husband was the face of the movement. Jharrel gets a call and asks Claudette to turn back. Claudette doesn't want to go back to the hotel, so Jharrel tells her they can stay out if she comes with him somewhere first.

Keisha visits Hayden. He asks her about Mildred and Noah -- she says she'll look into their current condition. She checks in with Hayden to make sure there won't be any "surprises." Keisha tells him she saw something with Claudette and asks if he has anything to confess. He tells her he doesn't like being lied to. 

Shanice and Andre come upon a Pride celebration and join in the festivities. Andre remarks that it's similar to his and Cynthia's "little corner of Harlem." Shanice starts to feel uncomfortable, stating that she still feels married. Andre assures her that he is not asking for anything, only one last day with her. She takes his hand. 

Bridget shows Keisha about the house. Bridget is concerned about their safety. Keisha tells her it's as safe as it can be, but everything is a risk. 

FLASHBACK: Kenya tries to convince Keisha to go in with her to buy a coffee shop. Keisha thinks it's too risky, worried about Kenya's daughters and husband. Kenya tells Keisha she's a coward and that her family has nothing to do with it. 

Jharrel takes Claudette to Manny's apartment -- someone is interested in the place, and he has to show it. Claudette reminisces about how in her previous she only got a few weekends alone every now and then, and how special they were to her. Jharrel plays her some music off his phone, and she starts to dance.

Andre and Shanice return to the hotel to find Logan and Mariah waiting for Shanice. Andre introduces himself and then makes himself scarce. Mariah tells Shanice that she shared the viral video. Logan asks for a moment of privacy between him and Shanice. He accuses Shanice of being a dangerous influence on Mariah, and before she can defend herself, he gets Mariah and leaves. 

Shanice, Keisha, Claudette, and LaDonna go to a bar together. Claudette and LaDonna approach some men. Shanice and Keisha get some drinks.

Keisha tells Shanice everything is set for her to move back in with Logan tomorrow. Shanice responds that she can't do it. After Shanice asks, Keisha assures her that the home, and Bridget, are nice. 

A security guard bursts into Hayden's room and starts removing his "chess" pieces and board, stating that the place must be clean in case there's another leaked video. 

Jharrel pays Soraya a visit. He asks her how she's doing -- she tells him she's simply been busy. Jharrel questions her about what she wanted to talk to him about before she left regarding the Belle-Isle footage. She tells him it was someone singing a song, but she cannot help him any more than that -- she endured eight days of questioning.

At the bar, Shanice and Claudette enjoy their drinks, courtesy of some women who recognize them as 4400. A man at the bar calls them freaks. He threatens them and attacks Claudette, but she fights back, smashing a glass in his face.

Keisha runs to help Claudette, seeing a bloody gash on her hand, which then heals before their eyes. A brawl breaks out, and Keisha extracts Claudette, LaDonna, and Shanice. 

Back at the hotel, LaDonna apologizes to Soraya again. Soraya explains to LaDonna that the USA is much more dangerous than it was even six years ago but that she's still on her side. 

Andre pays Shanice a visit in her room to find her sleeping already. He covers her in a blanket, and she dreamily thanks Logan.

Keisha visits Tarik, asking him why he would disgrace Kenya's memory. She accuses him of not loving Kenya. He tells her that Kenya was actually on her way home from the coffee shop, not the library. Tarik tells Keisha that she needs to be able to let people in.

Keisha visits Jharrel at Manny's apartment. She apologizes for her earlier behavior and tells him she wants to let him in. Keisha explains how she saw Claudette heal herself. Jharrel connects the dots with the "song" and the "singer."

The next day, Jharrel gives Claudette the keys to Manny's apartment, saying it will be her new place. He tells her that he knows (about her power) but that he and Keisha are still here to help the 4400. 

Keisha visits Hayden again, saying she has no info about Mildred but that she will report the security guard that frightened him. Keisha also tells Hayden that he can stay with Shanice's family -- Logan has agreed to be his guardian after some convincing from Mariah. Hayden is pleased with this outcome. 

FLASHBACK: Keisha and Sasha have a tea party. Sasha is angry with her sister. Keisha assures her that one day they will be best friends, just like herself and Kenya. 

Keisha calls Tarik and lets him know that she's okay with him visiting Kenya's killer if he needs to. Keisha runs into Agent Tanner and asks her to dinner. Flustered, Agent Tanner lets her know that she's been reassigned. Green will be running things at the hotel from now on.

Mariah welcomes Hayden and asks what he'd like to do tomorrow. Hayden declares he will break Mildred out of Ypsi Med. 

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I don't like to lie, and I don't like being lied to.


When has the government done anything for us folk without a catch?