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LaDonna and Dr. Andre continue their research, trying to understand the superpowers of the returnees, as well as the writing from Manny's book. LaDonna wonders if the video she leaked to Mariah made it out into the world.

Dr. Andre tests LaDonna's vitals at rest and while creating an illusion (hospital equipment in this case). Her heart rate slowed while she was using her powers.

Agent Tanner addresses her team -- the leaked video has been widely shared. Jharrel asks if this will help improve the treatment of the returnees. Agent Tanner explains that they will be releasing some of the returnees on day trips, but Jharrel dismisses this as another PR stunt. Keisha and Soraya point out that there is still much mystery surrounding the returnees, but Agent Tanner's chief concern is whether or not they are a threat to society. 

Keisha and Jharrel address the 4400, telling them about Project Reintegration. Dr. Andre requests to be one of the first released so that he can visit a modern medical facility. Jharrel tells them that the four have already been selected at random by the government -- Isaiah Johnston (the Reverend), Shanice, LaDonna, and Claudette. Jharrel assures them that if it goes well, they will work towards getting everyone released. 

Jharrel shows Dr. Andre an unused space -- the old hotel bar -- where he might work in peace. Jharrel assures Andre that he will prioritize putting him on the list for the next "day out." 

FLASHBACK: The 1920's. Dr. Andre is at a party, boasting that he has discovered a cure for bronchial infections. He dances with his beloved, Cynthia, and promises he'll stop working so hard. 

Keisha and Jharrel get a text from Soraya, saying she found something in the Belle Isle footage. They arrive to find Soraya being led away by the FBI in handcuffs.

Keisha finds Agent Tanner and asks what happened with Soraya. Agent Tanner explains that Soraya's computer had the leaked footage on it. 

Jharrel asks LaDonna and the Rev what they'd like to do on their day out. LaDonna wants to go to a library, which the Rev agrees to if he can also visit a church.

Hayden and Millie visit Dr. Andre in his "office." Millie shows Hayden how she can use her telekinesis to remove his ankle bracelet. 

Dr. Andre wants to do the same tests on them as he did with LaDonna. He takes Millie's pulse and notices she is missing a hand. Millie explains she was born that way. Dr. Andre tells them of his past -- he was a medic in World War I, then ran a clinic, then started researching respiratory illnesses.

FLASHBACK: Dr. Weavers (Andre's older, white colleague) explains how he will be taking credit for all the research they've done. Andre insists that he was the one who spent the most time in the lab, but Dr. Weavers responds that Andre should be grateful he is being mentioned at all. 

Later, Shanice asks Dr. Andre if he's got an insight into the superpowers. He is frustrated at his lack of freedom. Shanice does not intend to see Logan or Mariah on her outing, but she struggles with her feelings, having been married just two weeks prior. 

Jharrel is about to escort Claudette and Shanice out but notices how busy it is. He gets a guard to sneak them out of the loading dock. Keisha disapproves. LaDonna is excited to go through the crowds, and the Reverend is happy to as well. 

Driving through Detroit, Shanice remarks on how much it has changed. Claudette marvels at the city of the future. Keisha realizes that they aren't lying about the time they have come from. 

Claudette, Shanice, and Keisha visit Mrs. Grover. 

At the library, Carla (comms director for the Mayor and Jharrel's ex) gets some candid shots of LaDonna and the Reverend. Jharrel pulls her aside. She notes that she saved his job, for which he is grateful. He asks her why she gave up her dreams of journalism to be a sellout. She resents the fact that he believes she doesn't care about people. 

Dr. Andre meets with Hayden, asking if he will consent to the simple tests. Hayden says he doesn't like having tests done on him. He has a vision of himself carrying flowers, and Dr. Andre takes his vitals. Hayden asks for advice about Mildred, who was his first kiss.

FLASHBACK: At home, Dr. Andre and Cynthia dance. Andre has brought his work home to distance himself from Dr. Weavers. Cynthia starts coughing, which alarms Dr. Andre. She assures him it's nothing.

At the library, the Reverend asks Jharrel for help with the computer. Jharrel shows the Reverend how to Google. LaDonna has found some science textbooks which she "illusions" to look like fashion magazines.

The Reverend discovers that his father has added a new wing to the church to honor his "deceased" son. There is also information on Quincy Solarin -- his son. 

Mrs. Grover catches Shanice and Claudette up on some recent black history -- the Obamas, Beyonce. Keisha discourages the ladies from drinking alcohol, but Claudette doesn't hold back. Keisha leaves to make a phone call.

Mrs. Grover asks Claudette and Shanice if they know what happened to them or what they're being told. Shanice divulges to Mrs. Grover that some of the returnees have superpowers. Shanice describes the vision she saw with Mariah. Mrs. Grover asks Claudette if she can also see memories.

The Reverend listens to an interview with Quincy Solarin, who speaks out against conversion therapy. Keisha calls Jharrel, admitting that it all seems normal. She looks in the window to see Claudette burning her hand on a candle. Claudette shows Mrs. Grover how her hand heals, just as Keisha re-enters the room.

Andre continues some simple tests on Mildred, but when he checks her pulse, things go haywire -- glass bottles explode, and a small chandelier falls, injuring Mildred. 

Keisha is disappointed that Jharrel gave Dr. Andre space to do experiments. Jharrel is just happy everything went well on the outing. Shanice, LaDonna, the Reverend, and Claudette return. Claudette is worried Keisha saw her rapid healing. LaDonna tells them what happened to Mildred. The other returnees approach the four, welcoming them back and asking questions.

Hayden confronts Dr. Andre, angry about Mildred. LaDonna enters as Hayden leaves. She provides Andre with some old medical textbooks. He finds Dr. Weaver's research in one of them.

FLASHBACK: Andre tells Cynthia he has gotten her a spot in the human trials. He shows her Gustavo the rat. She is disgusted by the rat and begins coughing excessively. He accuses her of being selfish in not wanting to partake in finding the cure. She leaves, telling him she's going to stay with her sister. There is a flash of green light. 

Jharrel meets with Carla. Carla admits she doesn't like the way this is being handled. She tells Jharrel that the mayor has offered to take custody of the 4400, but the federal government will not let them. Carla and Jharrel agree that the feds must know something they're not letting on. 

Claudette gives Hayden a bunch of magnolias to give to Mildred. He realizes that this is the vision he had.

Dr. Andre tells Shanice about his past with Cynthia. He cured her, but during their last moments together, he was only thinking of work. Dr. Andre allows Shanice to use her powers on him, revealing that he is trans. Shanice and Andre kiss.

Keisha and Agent Tanner meet. Keisha provides her girlfriend with a drink. Agent Tanner confesses that the government chose to let out Claudette and Shanice hoping something would go wrong. Keisha asks not to talk about work, and they start making out. 

Dr. Andre sees a rat that reminds him of Gustavo. The rat crawls underneath a wall. He realizes part of the wall is hollow and manages to push it open. It is a door, leading somewhere secret. 



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I told you I didn't trust doctors, and you proved me right.


We in the era of Black Lady Excellence, or so the kids call it.

Mrs. Grover