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A military tank is on the loose after someone stole it from a museum. It's a volunteer for the museum who used to be in the military.

Grace gets the call and Carlos and his partner are there to stop it, but the tank veers out of their control.

Lt Vazquez is behind the will and he's been despondent since his daughter's funeral. She died here  after two tours.

Vazquez is headed to the VA hospital where his daughter was denied care.

Grace patches Owen through the phone when John Vazquez's wife calls and Owen connects with him by saying he knows how he feels. Survivors and those who died later after 9/11 have a similar rage. 

The team stands in front of the VA against the tank. It's a close call, but it works and it's resolved peacefully.

Tommy Vega prepares for her first day of work after a decade away. Her husband Charles hypes her up when she doubts if she's ready.

Charles feels guilty because his restaurant failed during the pandemic and that's why Tommy has to go back to work.

Rosewater, Michelle's paramedic is angry that Michelle quit, but the others don't agree because she gave up being a paramedic to help mentally ill people living on the street like her sister.

He has doubts about Tommy returning.

Tommy has doubts about stepping into Michelle's shoes, but she was the one who trained Michelle.  She and Judd are also cool, and he sings her praises. 

   Tommy was the one who introduced Judd to Grace.

The team responds to a scene where a woman on a roller derby team is impaled by a piece of wood sticking up from the ring.

They get her on the gurney and discover that her arm is completely dislocated and mangled. It loses its pulse and Tommy shines despite Rosewater's doubts and resets it saving her.  

   The team all hang out at Carlos' house as part of their safety bubble to socialize. 

But TK is overwhelmed and annoyed because his mother is in town and has been staying with him and Owen and she and Owen don't get along. 

   But they also are sleeping with each other.

Tommy has a hard time adjusting to being away from her daughters because she's always working. She gets emotional when she doesn't get to see them. 

   The team responds to a case of a man bleeding out from a tower. Tommy has to scale it with Owen to treat him and notice he has an exit wound. They take fire from a bolt. Someone has a crossbow.

The team takes down the crossbow woman.

Owen's cancer was reduced and he's in remission.

TK's mother decides to leave now that Owen is in the clear. Owen is having a hard time processing the news.

A zoom call goes away when someone chokes and passes out. 

   Tommy returns home and plans to spend some quality sexy time with her husband when the Ryders interrupt with cheesecake and booze.  

   Owen tells his ex that he doesn't want her to leave.

9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Vazquez: You have no idea how that feels. No idea.
Owen: Oh, but I do, lieutenant. You see, on 9/11, the one day this country swore it would never forget, it did. Those of us who were there that day we don't have that luxury. We don't get to forget, and I know too many people who survived that day only to die years later forgotten because their problems were too expensive and too inconvenient, so yeah, I understand your rage. 

Cop: And if he just decided to shoot at us with the cannon? 
Carlos: Duck. 

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