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The team encounters a woman who stages accidents as a means to collect insurance money, but when she is hit by a car unsuspectingly and ran over, her gig is up. 

At the suggestion of co-worker Gloria, Maddie requests a ride along with Athena. First up for them is a military protest in which they are confronted with a racist man whose coloscopy bag begins backing up. He doesn't want anyone who isn't white helping him. 

Later, Maddie and Athena encounter a man at a restaurant who has been shot. Maddie helps him to survive and he reveals that when he called 9-1-1 they hung up on him. 

Maddie takes this back to the office and it's revealed that Gloria has been hanging up on people for a long time. She is subsequently fired and begins harassing Maddie. While on the phone with Maddie, she gets into a car accident and reveals the reasons behind her hang-ups. Maddie stays on the line even though Gloria can't hear her and gets her help. 

Eva comes back into Hen and Karen's life, bringing Denny's biological father with her. When Hen catches Eva overdosing, she debates whether or not she should help her. She ultimately does decide to help and Eva is subsequently sent back to jail, while Hen and Karen meet with Denny's father. 

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9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Gloria, I think you've earned yourself an extra muffin.


Gloria: Bad call.
Maddie: Bad day. It's like the whole city is in a mood.
Gloria: That's every day, honey.