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The team whose taken over the call center is introduced and includes a driver and two thieves who are being dispensed elsewhere.

After getting the system shutdown and rebooted, the criminals have one hour to enact their plan. They continue having the operators answer calls while monitoring them, and they track the police vehicles as well.

Chimney becomes distressed after his last call with Maddie, and his inability to find her.

Athena responds to a call downtown but is called away by the criminals, who send her to another call where multiple officers are. Josh re-routes a call to Chimney’s apartment, and Athena shows up. She and Chimney then head to the call center, and while en route, they pull over Buck.

Athena gets inside the call center, but before she is set to be shot, Sue dispatches her to a call. She later realizes she is being tracked, takes the GPS out of her car, and meets up with her captain and the SWAT team, who are getting prepared to take over the building.

Maddie’s co-worker, Linda, fakes an allergic reaction and when Maddie retrieves the EpiPen, she stabs the leader, Greg, in the hand. The operators are able to take down another criminal and secure the center shortly before SWAT arrives.

Athena tracks the call log to the downtown museum where the other criminals are attempting to steal art and arrests them.

A re-telling of the story shows that the driver, Tiffany, was the real mastermind and she and her boyfriend, the security guard at the center, have gotten away with the art until Athena and the police bust them as they’re headed out of town.

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

You guys like saving lives, right? Why don't you start with your own?


Linda: My Epipen. I'm allergic to bees.
Foster: Bees are the least of your troubles today, sweetheart.