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Two kids have a beach day with their father and bury him under the sand while he naps. A lightning strike hits their umbrella, turning the sand into glass, and a piece is embedded into his neck.

The 118 comes and is able to get him stabilized.

Maddie worries about her parent's upcoming visit, and shortly after their arrival, Albert returns from Korea with his father in tow, surprising Chimney.

Denny tells Hen that he's playing baseball now, which surprises her.

Chimney takes his frustrations about his father's visit out on Albert.

Athena and May go undercover at the rehabilitation center Wendell was at. May meets a former client turned employer, Tamara, who takes her on a tour. They discover that the center does not accept insurance, and Bobby finds out they've had five deaths there in the last year.

Although four months have passed, and Athena thinks it's time to move on from the investigation, Bobby is unwilling to stop until they find out what happened. Later, May tells Athena that she followed Tamara on social media and deduced that she was at the center at the same time as Wendell.

A woman is in labor being driven to the hospital when the car is hit by lightning. The baby emerges from the mother during impact, and Bobby must rescue the child from the vehicle while Chimney and Hen stabilize the mother and driver.

May runs into Tamara and confronts her about Wendell.

Buck shows Albert Kameron and Connor's ultrasound, which turns into everyone discovering he's a sperm donor. This sparks an argument between the Hans and Buckley's before the electricity goes out. The families do apologize to one another and have a nice evening together.

The 118 is called to an apartment fire as the rain finally falls to accompany the lightning. Buck is struck by lightning as he climbs the ladder and falls over the top.

Eddie and Chimney are able to rappel him down, where he's found to be unresponsive, as they rush him to the hospital.

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Albert: Look at that. Almost looks like a family, doesn't it? Is it so bad to be all together?
Chimney: Look, there is no good that could come from Pop being back in my life, okay, Albert.
Albert: Then keep him out. We're just visiting anyway.

Buck: No rain. Where the hell did it come from?
Eddie: I don't know. Really hope it doesn't strike twice, though.