Hanging On Tightly - 9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 3
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The Harris family prepares to leave their house, with the usual family squabbling. They almost leave the youngest son, Cory, who has his headphones in and is playing his Nintendo Switch on the curb before getting him in the car.

The Harris family are on the same cruise as Athena and Bobby and are in the dining hall when the pirates invade the ship.

When the call comes in to abandon ship and get on the lifeboats, the Harris family leaves their stateroom and gets on the boats; however, at the last minute, the mother gets back on the boat, remembering Cory is still in the room.

Cory watches out the window as the big wave hits the boat.

With the ship upside down, Jarod dies from his fall while everyone else in the casino is okay. Still trapped to the roulette table, Norman hangs upside down, and Bobby looks to remove the table from its base.

Wes is able to get to the maintenance room and retrieve a wrench for Bobby, who uses various straps to climb up to Norman so he can get on top of the underside of the table. He’s able to unhook the table from the base and creates a pulley with help from Wes and Julian to ease Norman down to the ground.

Maddie calls Chimney and asks if he’s heard from Hen. Chimney says no, and she tells him about Hen’s suspicions about the cruise ship.

Hen sneaks in when the bell rings at the 118, and the team scurries out.

Bobby tells everyone they must get to the hole on the other side of the ship, as they will sink if they stay put. They help Norman up, and then they start making their way up.

Hen fills out an LAFD Priority Resource form in Bobby’s office. Maddie calls her and tells her no one is taking the missing ship seriously. Hen hides what she’s doing from Maddie, but Maddie does hear a 118 message through the phone before Hen hangs up.

As the casino crew makes their way through the ship, a pocket of gas sparks a small fire that burns Wes. Athena and Bobby look to seal the wound, but he succumbs to his injuries.

The casino crew keeps moving.

Hen goes to the LAFD helicopter hangar with her request, and before she’s questioned further, Tommy Kinard covers for her and takes her to the helicopter where Buck, Chimney, and Eddie are waiting.

While making their way to the hole, the casino crew find Cory’s mom trapped by a door.

The helicopter crew flies over the ocean but can’t see anything. Hen and Chimney awkwardly talk out their issues as well.

Cory’s mom tells Bobby and Athena about Cory, and once they get her dislodged, Bobby finds Cory while Athena helps lead everyone else to the hole.

While in the helicopter, Chief Simpson calls Tommy to tell him he hopes he isn’t with Hen doing what he’s not supposed to be doing, and Tommy acts as if the line is choppy and hangs up.

The casino crew reaches the hole and hears the helicopter overhead. Julian climbs up to ward the hole with a flare gun, but a shift in the boat causes him to fall to his death.

Athena fires the flare gun through the hole, which catches the attention of those in the helicopter. Realizing the boat has capsized, Tommy calls it into the proper channels.

Bobby finds Cory, and they start climbing up, but when a door shuts on them, they struggle to open it as the water rises. They’re saved by Buck and Eddie, who open the door, freeing them.

The helicopter with Bobby, Cory, Buck, Eddie, and Tommy lands on the Coast Guard boat, and Cory is reunited with his mom, while Bobby is reunited with Athena.

Bobby and Athena return home, finally getting some alone time.

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9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Ochoa: Your husband's incredible.
Athena: He sure the hell is.

Lola: Norman! Norman! Is he dead? Is he...?
Bobby: Dead men don't bleed. But we need to get him down from there before gravity does it for us.