Pick Up Game - 9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 4
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At the Bachelor mansion, Joey is greeting female contestants as they arrive for the show. A limo speeds up the driveway, and a woman claiming to be Conchata emerges, soon revealed to be a fraud who glues herself to the driveway.

Jesse Palmer and the producers scramble, and Jesse calls 911. Maddie answers the call, and the 118 are dispatched to the scene.

Chimney recognizes Joey when they arrive at the mansion, and they realize the contestant, real name Bailey, is completely stuck to the driveway, and her skin is becoming irritated.

Afraid to irritate it further, they have to jackhammer the driveway and take it with her to the hospital.

Maddie and Josh call Chimney and ask him to tell them who the new bachelor is, and he manages to slyly get a shot of Joey before he finds the real Conchata passed out in the back of the limo.

Tommy gives Buck a tour of the Harbor Station at his request, and Buck admits that the night on the cruise ship was the most fun he's had in a while. Tommy offers to give him flying lessons, and soon after, Eddie shows up, much to Buck's surprise.

Buck is then left alone as the two head out to Vegas for a fight.

The smell of pancakes awakens Bobby and Athena, and they find Harry in the kitchen. He explains that he wanted to surprise them as they ask him why Michael didn't tell them he was coming.

In a restaurant kitchen, a dishwasher hears a voice coming from a drain.

As Buck, Eddie, and Ravi arrive on the scene, Buck asks Eddie questions about seeing the fight with Tommy.

In the kitchen, the guys hear the voice coming from the sink, and they soon see a video from outside the restaurant, which shows a man on a motorbike being hit by a car and falling into the sewer.

Ravi is sent down into the sewer to help stabilize the man while Buck presses Eddie on his new friendship with Tommy. Upon discovering Buck is free one night, Eddie subsequently asks him to watch Christopher so he and Tommy can go to karaoke.

Buck complains to Maddie about Christopher's newfound liking of Tommy and tells her about the pickup basketball game with Tommy circled on Eddie's calendar.

Bobby tells Athena that he talked to Michael, and Michael didn't know that Harry went to Los Angeles. He says the police are looking for Harry due to an assault charge, and there's a warrant out for his arrest.

A woman, Dorothy, calls 911 and tells Maddie there is an intruder in her home. She's hiding from the person with a gun, and Maddie hears her fire off a shot after revealing the intruder is coming toward her.

At the scene, the intruder is DOA, and Dorothy appears okay, though Chimney notes she may have a head injury due to various symptoms.

Athena finds a picture on the mantle of Dorothy and a younger man, who she deduces is the deceased intruder, her son. Chimney and Hen believe she may be suffering from face blindness.

At home, Athena confronts Harry about his actions, and he insists that the manager was profiling him and he acted in self-defense. Athena tells Harry she's on the side of the law, and he asks her whether the law is more important than being his mom.

At the firehouse, Buck tries to get Eddie's attention while he's on the phone but fails. He then gets a basketball delivered to him and invites Chimney to play with him.

Athena goes to the hospital to see Dorothy, who had surgery for a brain bleed after a fall in her garden. She informs her that her son is dead and that she killed him.

Buck and Chimney arrive at the pickup stop Tommy and Eddie are at and engage in a game. During the game, Buck gets upset after Eddie steals the ball from him, and Buck bumps him hard as he goes up for a layup, causing him to sprain his ankle.

Athena talks to Harry, who apologizes to her for how he spoke to her. She tells him that he represents the family and his community when he's out and can't react in certain situations. She then shows him the surveillance video from the store, telling him he'll need to face the consequences of his actions, and they'll figure things out together.

Maddie and Buck have lunch at the dispatch center, and he admits that he hasn't talked to Eddie since the game and isn't sure whether he meant to hurt Eddie on purpose. He admits to feeling left out, and Maddie tells him a story from her childhood where she felt excluded by her best friend.

Athena brings Harry to the station, where they meet with Captain Maynard. She informs that Miami isn't interested in extradition for simple assault, and both counties have agreed to him staying in Los Angeles and performing community service under Athena's supervision.

Tommy visits Buck at his loft to clear the air. He states he never wanted to cause tension between him and Eddie, as he can't replace Buck. He tells Buck that Eddie feels terrible about what happened, and Buck admits he can get jealous.

Tommy tells Buck he's been jealous of the 118 becoming a family. Buck says he was a part of that during the helicopter rescue, and he asked for the tour initially because he wanted to spend more time with Tommy, as he's been trying to get his attention.

Tommy then kisses Buck, and the two agree to a date.

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9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

I guess someone's going into the sewer. I'm going into the sewer, aren't I?


Maddie: Well, that was shameless. And unprofessional.
Josh: Who did you send?
Maddie: The closest fire company. More or less.