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  • Biniyam takes Ari and Janice to see the hospital in Ethiopia. Janice is surprised that it's in decent condition and is well. 
  • She interrogates Bini about his past and his previous relationship and his career aspects. She says her daughter is accustomed to a certain lifestyle. 
  • Kenny gets annoyed that Armando doesn't want to be affectionate in public. 
  • Armando reminds him that Mexico is different and it's going to take him some time to be more open to being out in public. He reminds Kenny that he had thirty years to come to grips with all of that. 
  • Tim arrives in Colombia. Melyza is happy to see him and their cat. 
  • They have a nice outing, but then they talk abut his infidelity. 
  • She wants to know the details, and he's aggravated that she's dwelling on it. And he also puts some of it off on her which she isn't happy about. 
  • Brittany and Yazan go to talk to his uncle. It goes well and he gives them so advice and promises to talk to his brother. But Brittany still hasn't shared that her divorce isn't finalized. 
  • Deavan has dinner with Jihoon and his parents. She tries to talk things out about the money in his mother's account. 
  • Their translator isn't working, everyone gets frustrated, and an argument breaks out. Deavan says she's leaving, and Jihoon leaves angry. 
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
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