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- Naomi and Jen are competing for Preston.

- Silver confides in Liam about the breast cancer test.

- Ivy wants Diego to be her boyfriend.

- Ivy and Diego are coerced into selling art for the gallery he vandalized.

- Everyone is at the Desert Valley music festival.

- Dixon got offered a record deal.

- Vanessa tries to sabotage Adrianna for trying to reveal her shady business. 

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90210 Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

I'd rather have a job kissing Kim Kardashian's ass than ever work with you again.

Adrianna [to Vanessa]

Last time I checked movie stars don't do manual labor.

Vanessa [to Liam]

90210 Season 4 Episode 18 Music

  Song Artist
Lady danville operating Operating Lady Danville iTunes
Song This Is Love Jasmine Ash
Them terribles true love True Love Them Terribles! iTunes