Mother Dearest Preview

Adrianna takes Joe Jonas as her date instead of Navid this week. Can you really blame the girl?!? Check out the official preview for "Mother Dearest."

Trevor Donovan PSA

Well done, Trevor Donovan. The 90210 has recorded this message, in which he sends out a positive message to gay youths around the world.

Baby Time!

Ready to be a father, Ryan? Jen's water breaks and her baby arrives on this 90210 episode, as teased in this promo.

Mr. Cannon Interview

Man, Mr. Cannon really sucks. Watch his interact with Silver in this clip from "Age of Inheritance," the second episode of season three.

Age of Inheritance Promo

Naomi becomes a rich woman on the second episode of season three. Also, as previewed here: Annie meets a new man, and Ivy sees Oscar naked.

Naomi vs. Khloe and Kim

It looks like Naomi gets into it with the Kardashians on the season premiere of 90210. Watch the first part of this video and see what we mean.

Third Season Premiere Clip

Annie and Liam share an intense scene in this clip from "Senior Year, Baby," which is the 90210 third season premiere. Do you wanna see this pair hook up?

Season Premiere Preview

Will you tune in for the 90210 season three premiere? This video hypes that September 13 episodes, and also features quick clips of an earthquake; the Kardashians; and Adrian Grenier.

Senior Year Promo

It's senior year on 90210! This video hypes the new season of this CW hit. Watch it now.

Short 90210 Promo

This is just a 10-second promo for season three of 90210. But it should get fans in the mood for the show's return.

90210 Season Finale Promo

What's about to go down on the 90210 season finale? This promo for the episode "Confessions" gives viewers an idea.

Javianna Promo

Adrianna grows closer to Javier on the episode aptly titled "Javianna." We're also treated to a classic Naomi meltdown, as viewers must watch this promo for the installment.


I saw him kissing that barefoot surfer chick. Apparently, he likes the smell of BO.


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