If there's one thing I've learned, it's that it's never over, it's only just beginning.


We're fine. Navid and I have each other. We always will.


You reach deeper until you can find the strength. That's all life is, one big fight after another.


What the hell else can I lose? I've lost my body, my baby, and now maybe my life.


Maybe we needed to walk away from each other so many times because that's the only way to come full circle.

Navid [to Adrianna]

Liam: Annie's leaving for good? Why would she do that?
Dixon: Gee I don't know, maybe it's because of a certain torch that she's holding for a certain brooding superhero.

You never know when something's gonna happen that will change everything.


I can't believe that after everything I said and everything that's happened, you're worried about me.


Unlike in my book life isn't a story I get to make up. I can't write my own happy ending. I already tried, it didn't work.


Ironically people don't want a wild party girl planning their party.


I would love nothing more than a chance to have a relationship to be able to hold hands, jump on a private jet to Cabo like normal people.


I return my own favors.



The emotions and the issues are very real... these characters have real layers that will all peel away very, very slowly.

Shenae Grimes

It's not a mom and dad who are home eating bon bons. It's a couple who's f%$k!

Rob Estes